9º World Congress on Health Information and Libraries

Salvador, Bahia - Brazil, September, 20 to 23 - 2005


4th Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL

September, 19 to 20 - 2005

Art Gallery

Art Gallery
3rd. Floor - Hall

The exposition I Festival Internacional of Humor in STD and AIDS is promoted by the Brazilian Ministry of Health through the National Program fro STD and AIDS prevention and the Brazilian Institute of Graphic Arts Memorial. Ir is composed by the prized cartuns on the theme of access to health care, rights of HIV patients and AIS prevention.

The National Library of Medicine presents the exhibit: Odyssey of knowledge: medieval manuscripts and early printed books from the National Library of Medicine. Composed by 10 panels with photographic reproductions was produced by NLM, it was created for the International Society for the History of Medicine by occasion of its 39º International Congress of History of Medicine, in Bari, in Italy.