International Seminar on Open Access for Developing Countries - Salvador, Bahia - Brazil

    Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information
    Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization

    Salvador, Bahia - Brasil - September 21-22, 2005


    Creating a global information commons for public science

    • Director, Office of International S & T Information Programs, The National Academies  - United States

    The digital revolution is creating unprecedented opportunities for scientific discovery and innovation. New paradigms of knowledge creation and diffusion are emerging in public research based on distributed, volunteer, and open collaboration using global digital networks. The means and modes of production in all spheres of human endeavor are being re-engineered from the mechanistic Industrial Age approaches to post-industrial, Information Age processes. The new paradigms are making the production and exploitation of scientific information faster, cheaper, and better. Perhaps most significant, they are enabling the direct and immediate integration of researchers and research from developing countries into the global science system. This presentation will review recent developments in the changing production and dissemination of scientific information and discuss some of their far-reaching implications.