International Seminar on Open Access for Developing Countries - Salvador, Bahia - Brazil

    Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information
    Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization

    Salvador, Bahia - Brasil - September 21-22, 2005


    Hooman Momen

    Editor, Bulletin of the WHO, World Health Organization  - Switzerland
    Hooman Momen is on the professional staff of the World Health Organization, Geneva, where he is the editor  of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization and also the acting coordinator of WHO Press. He is on secondment from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he was formerly Editor of the Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz and a senior research scientist. He is a member of the editorial boards of several international journals. His research interests include  knowledge sharing and access to health information as well as  the biochemical systematics of pathogenic microorganisms. He is the author of over 100 articles in international peer-reviewed journals. He  carried out his undergraduate work at the University of London and obtained his PhD at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.