9º World Congress on Health Information and Libraries

Salvador, Bahia - Brazil, September, 20 to 23 - 2005


4th Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL

September, 19 to 20 - 2005


Finalized the abstract selection process for the Papers and Posters Sessions

The Coordinator of the Organizing Committee of the ICML9, and responsible for the Scientific Program Committee, Abel Packer, named an ad hoc Committee of Abstracts Selection composed by: Lenny Rhine (responsible), Rickettsia Foresman, Avril Reid, Regina C.F. Castro, Ernesto Spinak, Alberto Pellegrini Filho, Hooman Momen, Carol Lefebvre, Jussara Long, Ana Maria Pratt, Rogerio Costa, May B. Negrão, Rogério Meneghini, Vera Beraquet, Elenice de Castro (former-perform).

The Executive Selection Committee, a sub-set of the same committee, composed by Lenny Rhine, May B. Negrão, and Elenice de Castro, worked at BIREME from June 27th  to July 1st  2005, finalizing the process and sending correspondence to all selected authors.

This committee evaluated the abstracts considering criterias as the insertion of the paper in the subject proposed theme, level of innovation presented, the degree of the scientific research carried out and, in the experimentation papers, the size of the analyzed sampling.

According to the coordinator of the ad hoc Committee, Lenny Rhine, the papers had equivalent quality level to any other international congresses and the most relevant reason for the not acceptance was the proposed subject of the ICML9/CRICS7.

533 abstracts were analyzed: 60% to the Contributed Paper Session and 40% to the Poster Session. Some of the contributed papers abstracts were considered to other scientific meetings, and others were redirected for the Poster Session. There was a greater utilization of posters. Just 12% were considered inadequate for presentation, many of them because there was no reference to the subject or sub-subjects of the congress.

The sub-subject  8: Virtual Libraries and Virtual Communities had the major number of posters, followed by the sub-subject 3: Information and knowledge management. This sub-subject had also the major number of contributed papers presented, followed by the sub-subject 1: Development of medical and health libraries.

The sub-subject 7: Information in traditional medicine and complement therapies was the least addressed by the professionals of the area.

The final results revealed that: from the 319 posted abstracts for the Paper Session, 227 were approved, 34 were recommended to the Poster Session, and 58 were not accepted.

During the first week of June, all the authors who submitted abstracts were notified with the results of the selection process and reported on the dates for sending updated abstracts [July 15] and date for sending of full text of the paper and confirmation of participation [August 5].

The Guidelines for contributed papers and Guidelines for posters are available in the the ICML9/CRICS7 site.