9º World Congress on Health Information and Libraries

Salvador, Bahia - Brazil, September, 20 to 23 - 2005


4th Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL

September, 19 to 20 - 2005


eHealth in the ICML 9/CRICS 7

The ICML9/CRICS7 will have a panel dedicated to "eHealth", which will bring conferences about different perspectives on the development and application of this concept. 

The panel “eHealth and ePatient: a new health culture?” will deal with the question of information technology supporting for years most of the process related to health planning, promotion, research, education, communication and, with more public repercussion, health care. 

But what is eHealth?

Much is said about eHealth today, but there is no specific definitive version of this relatively new term.  Almost unknown before 1999, the concept of eHealth is used today to characterize not only "medicine in the Internet", but also everything that is related with computers and medicine. 

Before being adopted by the University, the concept was first introduced by the industry and marketing professionals,  with the creation of other "e-words" like e-commerce, e-business, e-solutions, in the attempt to bring the principles and promises of the electronic commerce for the health field, together with all possibilities which the Internet has bringing to the area. 

In his article "What is e-health" published in 2001 at the Journal of Medical Internet Research (J Med Internet Res 2001;3(2):e200), G. Eysenbach presents a detailed analysis of the evolution and the concept of eHeatlh.

To the author, "eHealth is an emerging field in the intersection of medical informatics, public health and business, referring to health services and information delivered or enhanced through the Internet and related technologies. In a broader sense, the term characterizes not only a technical development, but also a state-of-mind, a way of thinking, an attitude, and a commitment for networked, global thinking, to improve health care locally, regionally, and worldwide by using information and communication technology.

Read the full-text of this document available at http://www.jmir.org/2001/2/e20/ and join ICML9 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil when we will deeply discuss this subject.