9º World Congress on Health Information and Libraries

Salvador, Bahia - Brazil, September, 20 to 23 - 2005


4th Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL

September, 19 to 20 - 2005

Terms of reference

Oficial Language: Inglês
Translations: Espanhol, Português
Panel 1 - How to achieve information for all?

The Organizations for International Cooperation on development as well as the authorities and the civil society from developing countries agree that the use of appropriate scientific and technical information and knowledge is essential for development as well as for the overcome of social inequities, particularly in health.

Perspective 1: the role of scientific information and knowledge in the international cooperation agenda, especially health. Most international organizations and developed countries, international cooperation agencies and programs state that the access and use of appropriate scientific information and knowledge is essential for the development. But what have been the real advances in the international cooperation towards the equitable access to health scientific information and knowledge?

Perspective 2: the role of scientific information and knowled ge in the national agenda for development, especially health. Which are the strateg ies, public policies and approaches that support access and use of information in developing countries to improve health conditions and equity? What have been achieved?

Perspective 3: the role of scientific information and knowledge in strengthening citizenship, the active participation of society and the increasing of social capital. How the civil society is becoming a decisive actor in appropriating the benefits of the increasing availability of information and knowledge. What have been achieved, what is needed and what are the expectations, particularly to improve health conditions?