9º World Congress on Health Information and Libraries

Salvador, Bahia - Brazil, September, 20 to 23 - 2005


4th Regional Coordination Meeting of the VHL

September, 19 to 20 - 2005

P157 - LAPPIS conceptual website – a proposal o democratize scientific information on health

The Laboratório de Pesquisas sobre Práticas de Integralidade em Saúde (LAPPIS), Research Lab on Practices of Integrality on Health is a study program which gathers a collegiate of researchers from different education and research institutions, to help identify and construct the whole attention to health in Brazil. The group`s objective is to rethink the notion of Wholeness from the analysis, dissemination and support to innovating experiences. Wholeness, apart from being a constitutional principle related to the Unified Health System, is understood as a wide concept, a social action which results from the democratic interaction between the actors involved in the practice of health care and attention in the different levels of the system. To understand the subjects` singularity, their way of living, their processes of health-disease and to understand them in the historical, cultural and social context are other possibilities of understanding wholeness. 
This work aims at presenting and debating LAP PIS website. Trying to contribute to a bigger plurality in understanding and constructing wholeness, this conceptual website has a double purpose: 1) to make available scientific informations, creating a discussion on knowledge production which is generated by the researchers group and, 2) to strengthen reflection about communication practices related to dissemination of these informations including them in the activities of teaching and research at the Lab and its partners. Aiming at surpassing the conventional models of electronic information on health, the website is intended to become a dialogic tool between the existing knowledge and transdisciplinarity of its analytical references, allowing the access to theoretical and methodological alternatives of constructing wholeness by researches, health professionals, teachers, students and social movements. Its visual proposal is based on Leonardo da Vinci`s studies and expresses the Renaissance`s ideal of “man is the measure of all things”, according to Prot ágoras. Unity in diversity, man in the world and the world in man, the relationship between the environment and the mind, the defragmentation, interdisciplinarity, the symbiotic relation between theory and practice – all seems to be expressed in the image of the man (static and moving) in the middle of the circle /square. Da Vinci`s illustrations and phrases on the website contextualize and amplify the meanings of that image and of wholeness itself. The project is supported by CNPq and Faperj.